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Drop Artificial Intelligence into conversation and you may find yourself in the middle of lengthy debate. And yet, some of us have been exploring the advantages of AI to positively reinforce what we do for years. When it comes to sales, we’ve used the selective search power of AI to change the lead generation industry for the better. Taking it one step further, the targeted use of AI is about to revolutionise how marketing is generated and received. Read on to discover how.

Marketers have long understood that the key to good marketing is getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. It doesn’t take an expert to know that personalising that message will have a positive impact. Indeed, according to Epsilon, 80% of buyers are more likely to make a purchase if they receive a personalised message.

Personalisation itself is nothing new. Even personalisation based on a prospect’s action has been around for a while. Cookie data and data capture forms are still used by some lead generation agencies to detect that someone is in the market for a product or service. Messages are then sent to prospects off the back of that action being detected.

So, what if we told you that thanks to advancements in AI, we can discover viable sales prospects before they even know that they are one? Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong. It’s now possible to predict a need, and tailor messages, at scale, even before the user has begun their research.

The benefits of pre-emptive AI generated personalisation are huge.

  • Time saving – machine intelligence means there is less manual research needed on a prospect.
  • Scale – bespoke automated searches deliver at unmatched scale
  • Messages that cut through – by hitting that sweet spot with your marketing, a prospect is more likely to be open to and engage with your message, thus convert into a better quality lead
  • Ahead of the competition – predictive lead research picks up people before they have handraised meaning you get there first, long before your competitors.
  • Connections – marketing’s goal is to build true connections with their prospects, and showing your prospects you have researched them and tailored your message and solution to them starts you on this journey

If marketing is about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time, then Predictive Personalization™ is the ground-breaking tool that’s set to change the game, on a global scale.  So, how does AI generated Predictive Personalization™ work and why is it set to have such a big impact?

How Predictive Personalization™ works.

Building on years of innovation and insight development, we are launching our latest cutting-edge tool into the sales and marketing scene that is like nothing anyone has ever been seen. Not only can we offer quality leads at speed and scale, but we can now personalise our messages to respond to a known need – at the time when it will most well received. How? It’s all down to triggers.

Pre-personalise trigger events:

Let’s start at the beginning. Unlike old-fashioned form filling or pixel tracking behind the scenes , our unique Discover tool uses smart, cookie-less, AI technology to find viable prospects. We are able to personalise our search for leads through up to thirteen pre-selected intent triggers. We’ll target our search based on the client offering to find leads with a genuine need for their product or service. The result? Quality leads, in high volumes with an evidence-based reason to engage with our message.

Quick and unintrusive:

Discover uniquely tracks company events. So, we’re not just relying on online behaviour at an individual level. We’re not waiting around for the decision maker to start researching – so the whole process is faster. It’s also cookieless, so it’s far less intrusive.

Invaluable insight with a time-sensitive response: 

We know the events that often create challenges for businesses, and as a result, opportunities for our clients. For example, new funding or a company merger are great, but for an IT or business leader can cause a headache as they have to deal with the aftermath of implementing. Using our in-house team, we approach prospects with personalised communications, showing that we understand their specific business and their current situation. Only by tailoring our messaging can we have this level of personalisation. It’s this personal touch that builds a genuine connection because it resonates with the prospect at just the right time.    

Ever-growing smarts: 

Our machine learning prioritises the accounts that are likely to convert based on past data. It gets smarter as time goes on, allowing us to constantly evolve and refine our targeting. This means that the more our clients use us, the better Discover gets at predicting a converted lead for them, meaning we send less emails over tiem to generate a higher volume of leads

How Predictive Personalization™ is different.

This is not just a tool that sets us apart from the competition. We could even be forgiven for asking, what competition? This is personalisation at a levels never achieved before, and it’s something we’re uniquely set up to deliver.

Early contact:

It’s all in the name. It’s predictive in that a response is triggered by an event. A timely communication is then sent out, jumping the queue with a sales message that’s very early in their buying process. In stark contrast, our competitors’ approach is reactive. They can only act when someone has handraised, at which point the prospect is already actively researching. By this time competitor messages can be coming thick and fast, making the job of getting cut through so much harder.

Early personalisation:

Thanks to our unique tools, personalisation comes into the story so much earlier – at the marketing stage – rather than at the sales stage. By predicting the need, the lead generation itself is tailored. The competition however is limited to blasting audiences with generic messages in the hope that something sticks. It’s more hit and hope, whereas Predictive Personalization™ makes sales and marketing more of a science.

Total control:

Our lead generation is produced 100% in-house meaning we can deliver the highest standard possible to the follow up. From messaging to sales response, no one else has the capabilities to replicate this approach. With too much reliance on fragmented suppliers to deal with prospects, there is no ultimate control over the messages being sent out, meaning even strong leads can be frittered away.

Predictive Personalization is here to stay.

Tired of outdated practices, we set out to change the lead generation industry. Armed with the smartest minds in new tech and our unwavering sense of integrity, we’ve done so much more. We’ve created a category of our own. Predictive Personalization™ is a tool that goes beyond sales, and takes marketing to new heights. Speak to our team about how we can elevate your marketing with Predictive Personalization™. And watch this space for where we can take AI and personalisation next.