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This was a large-scale campaign, using a total of ninety four different assets to reach nine markets and six customer segments across EMEA.

Interlink has been working with the world’s leading cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) vendor for more than 3 years. A disruptor in the world of enterprise software, its solutions help companies manage their workforce, payroll, timesheets and benefits all in one place.

This is a company that’s scaling rapidly. Used by thousands of organisations around the world, it has an impressive track record and ambitious future targets, and needed a partner able to support this level of growth.

Our cutting-edge technology, strategic thinking and uncompromising integrity have helped us to build a strong and strategic relationship, not to mention deliver exceptional results.

In such a competitive marketplace the company’s sales team needs a consistent pipeline of good-quality prospects to continue its growth curve and further increase market share. These leads must be high-value and have high propensity to buy – and they need lots of them.

For this specific project, our brief was to generate demand and deliver the sales team marketing-qualified leads (MQL) from across the EMEA region through a series of email marketing campaigns.

What we did

This was a large-scale campaign, using a total of ninety four different assets to reach nine markets and six customer segments across EMEA. With so many components to coordinate, it was vital the right information was put in front of the right people at the right time.

To ensure the marketing effort was not only reaching a targeted audience of high-quality prospects but resonating with them too, our approach was two-fold:

The first step was to use our powerful AI tool, Discover, to analyse, score and prioritise the target accounts according to recent events, all done through our internal machine learning algorithm, that suggested the organisation was likely to go on a buying journey in the near future, so our leads were warm.

Once the campaign launched, we constantly monitored the performance of every single aspect, making changes as required to drive greater engagement and better results.

  • Tracking conversion rates – we identified the assets with the best conversion rates and weighted ad spend against these, generating better results from fewer emails
  • A/B testing – we consulted with the client continually to optimise the lowest-performing assets by A/B testing subject lines, messaging and segmentation
  • Predicting a need – we used Discover consistently throughout the campaign to uncover predictive purchasing signals in real-time and refresh the target account list accordingly.

Key to our approach is the use of trigger events – information which we gather that shows a company is intending to purchase.

Using Discover, we pick up on seven unique signals that suggest a business may be in the market for new software or IT development: recruitment and hiring data, financial information, install data, insider information (including the content they consume), company news, website updates and new product releases.

From these detailed insights, our cutting-edge technology can identify the company decision-makers with a genuine need and target them at precisely the right time.

Put simply, using the Discover tool gives you the information and insights you need to capture prospects earlier in the buying cycle – so you get ahead of your competitors.

It does this in two ways:

  1. By analysing the behaviour of your prospects and measuring their inclination to buy, you can target them at the perfect time: while they’re actively looking but before they’ve made a decision.
  1. Having a deeper understanding of your target accounts and their purchasing power allows you to personalise your content to address their specific pain points and business needs. It also provides your sales team with access to unique knowledge that gives them the additional insights they need to help them convert more easily.

We’re currently rolling out our new AI-driven personalised ABM campaigns, a product we call Predictive Personalisation™, which tailor communications to the prospects’ predicted needs and wants at every stage.

Next year, we’ll be consulting across the entire lead generation journey, from acquisition to sales engagement, with full funnel personalisation and ongoing support to deliver maximum impact before a buyer starts their research.

  • High volume of leads

  • Average conversion rate (marketing captured lead (MCL) to sales accepted lead (SAL)) of 82%

  • Consistent pipeline of qualified warm prospects

We look forward to delivering more to achieve their strategic goals in 2024.

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