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We worked with a worldwide leader in IT and networking technologies. As part of their digital marketing efforts, they partnered with Interlink to drive new leads and pipeline growth.

Our client was running email demand gen campaigns with suppliers who use generic HTML email templates. The HTML emails are prone to being detected by spam filters, and even when they land in the inbox, they seem to fall into the noisy crowd and fail to create true genuine connections with the prospects. There was appetite to try something new and innovative in line with modern AI technology.

Interlink implemented their new AI-powered approach through Discover, their internal AI tool, which enables personalised plain text emails.

Leveraging proprietary technology, Interlink was able to deliver targeted, relevant messaging to each recipient at scale.

This dramatic lift demonstrates the power of personalisation in cutting through the noise.

This global technology business can now generate more leads and pipeline more efficiently.

Personalised outreach is critical for engaging modern B2B buyers. Interlink’s AI solution enabled our client to deliver tailored messages that resonated with each recipient.

Interlink will continue working with this business to optimise nurture performance using data-driven insights and new innovations. For example supplying the sales team with personalised email templates for every lead generated to ensure the personalisation journey is run end-to-end, with the goal of driving a higher volume of opportunities.

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